One Broken Wing (novel)

One Broken Wing shoves readers head-first into the turbulent world of Catherine Rutledge, an emotionally and physically abused 17-year old growing up in the 1970s–a decade when people often turned a blind eye to child abuse, believing it was none of their business to interfere even though it was painfully obvious what was going on.

Despite her mother’s cruelty, Catherine, a budding artist, remains a quiet fighter who’s never down for long. At an early age she discovers that her most violent beatings bring on premonitions – one of which predicts a relationship with Adam, the guitarist for Crank, a hard-partying band hell-bent on becoming the next AC/DC. Desperate to escape her grim existence, the naïve but headstrong Catherine refuses to let anything stand in the way of making this premonition happen. This includes constantly struggling to overcome the road-blocks put up by Crank’s caustic, over-protective bassist and watchdog, Steve, Adam’s love of groupies, and a fear of being smacked down from her lofty plans by the sad, Kennedy-like curse of her family.

No one in the band, especially Adam, has any clue that their lives will be forever changed by the diminutive Catherine. Moving from a stifling, over-controlled home into a chaotic, party house where anything goes, Catherine experiences a bit of culture shock at first, but quickly learns to roll with the band’s crazy lifestyle. As she matures, Catherine’s tremendous doubt and self-loathing begins to dissipate and she is finally able to grasp how truly resilient she is, and what a fierce ability she has for healing herself. But will this help to save her in the end?

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