About The Author

Currently a professional writer, I work as a technical writer by day and as a freelance ghost-writer by night. In my spare time, I write novels, with One Broken Wing being my third piece. As I seek a publisher for this manuscript, I have also started putting pen to paper for two new ideas. A published poet in the Whitewall Review, I have written countless music articles and reviews for a variety of independent publications, created scripts for a popular children’s radio program, and have written the lyrics to many songs that were performed in bands I’ve played with during my 20+ years as a female rock drummer. This experience, combined with past work as a music promoter and disc jockey have provided me with a first-hand view of the fascinating underbelly of rock n’ roll, along with its crazy, lost, and colourful characters. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a creative writing certificate, I am currently obtaining a psychology degree as I work towards my next career as a therapist with a focus on counselling abused children and those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

My writing has a strong focus on the lives of characters who have become societal outcasts due to circumstances beyond their control, and I strive to view these struggles empathetically and with a keen, psychological eye. In just the first few chapters, I will plunge readers head-first into my characters’ lives so they can witness the hurdles these poor, lost souls face, and watch how they navigate the relationships around them as they wrestle to make sense of the world and how they fit in. It is through these struggles that my characters gradually discover their own hidden, inner strengths.